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Hello guys. Well, it has been absolutely ages since I have posted here. I’d like to start this post by apologizes for my prolonged absence. I should probably have said something, but I had decided to take some time out from the blog to (hopefully) get some perspective. Recently, I came across such an interesting article from the New York times: When blogging becomes a slog.
It made me realise that I cannot postpone this post any longer, and that it is time for me to share my true feelings here.

I haven’t felt happy with the blog, its content and my efforts for the longest time. I started my first blog five years ago, back in Cape-Town, as a way for me to flex my writing muscles and speak my crazy mind. It quickly turned into a design blog and developed into what it is today. Along the way I have stumbled, grown and developed. I have changed my career path, and my mind, more than once.

If I have to be honest, I have had the feeling that all is not right here on ‘of Beauty and Love’ for quite a while now. I am less interested in decor and am being pulled in other directions with my stationery store, my personal development courses and my growing interest in holistic healing and creative living. I thought I could juggle it all, my day job as a primary school teacher, writing 5 posts a week, freelancing as a stylist and writer, teaching all my courses, running my stationery store, attending craft markets, attending launches and events, trying to study further, being a friend, daughter and wife and still having time for myself. It is all just too much and the end result is a poor attempt at multitasking. It saddens me to say this, but I have ended up not doing anything nearly as well as I would have liked.

I have always tried to live and blog with integrity and honesty. I have tried to avoid sponsored content on the blog, and have strenuously vetted all PR inquiries. Yet, I find it hard to justify the amount of time I spend on creating content, for no remuneration, when other projects, more lucrative ones, are falling behind. I would never compromise on integrity. Why start now? I am inherently a creative person, and live (or try to live) a creatively fulfilled life. So why is it then that the blog just celebrates and shares other peoples creative successes and endeavors, and never any of my own? The truth is, that there simply is not enough time to produce anything of my own. So there is nothing to share. The blog is no longer a reflection of my real life and beliefs.It is a shadow attempt to keep up with a perceived expectation- on my part.

In light of all of this, I have decided to put my beloved blog on ice. As hard as it is to say, I feel like it no longer serves my life and my goals. It was an amazing journey and it was fabulous while it lasted, but I am moving on to new adventures and experiences. I might do a revamp later (content and all), but for now I have decided to step away from the keyboard and into life. This blog will now only feature course information and updates.

I love blogging and I have always been a great advocate for blogging and of the blogging community- which I think is an awesome, awesome place, full of super people. I have made such wonderful friends, and I would like to thank each of them for their support and love. You rock my world. This has made my decision increasingly difficult.

I have just realized that my new store requires my attention now, if it is to flouring into the creative haven that I wish for it to be.

I will still teach my creative recovery courses, The Artist’s Way and The Vein of Gold in the new year. I will post the details for these during October. I might even add a few more craft/ creative workshops as we go along.

I sincerely hope that you’ll all understand  my decision.

Thank you again for all the support over these five crazy years.


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Brooklyn design fair

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Friends, wonderful craft markets seem to be popping up all over the show these days. I love it! I love this move towards small, local business. And that it encourages entrepreneurship and creative living. One such market is the Brooklyn Design Fair. This market is on in Pretoria, Gauteng every Friday from 14:00 until 21:00.


Situated on the second floor of Brooklyn Square, the Brooklyn Design Fair aims to create a sustainable pop-up event, allowing the public to spend their leisure time while enjoying local food and design.

Hosted weekly on a Friday from 14:00 – 21:00, creating a communal and interactive space for the public to enjoy the fair.

With strong focus on contemporary design elements – albeit the culinary, clothing, decor or home ware industry – the Brooklyn Design Fair with its hand selected vendors sell products they have themselves sourced, designed, refurbished, preserved or hand crafted. Thereby building credibility, authenticity and longevity with its target market.

The Brooklyn Design Fair will not only give small enterprises lots of exposure but will allow local designers/artists/entrepreneurs & small business owners to engage with their customers in a creative, informal setting.


The most existing bit of all is that I will be exhibiting there this coming Friday, the 25 July with Ampersand social stationery. I am super excited, as it is my FIRST MARKET EVER.  I have been planning for days.

Pop in to say hi and check out all the Brooklyn awesomeness.


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Christmas in July: Africology Giveaway


Friends, it’s only 4 days until Christmas in July. To help you celebrate, I have partnered up with Africology, and we are giving one lucky reader a pot of their delectable Africology Chamomile Balm, worth R345.00.

These balms are hard-working and super soothing. Each pot does triple duty-
The body balm works to uplift the mind and balance the body through the powerful effects of essential oils.
The Balms can all be added to hot bath water to nourish the skin further.
Placing a chunk of your favourite balm in an aromatherapy burner will fill your room with the delicate and uplifting power of essential oils.

We all lead stressful busy lives, and this balm is the perfect way to help you unwind and relax.

Chamomile Body Balm properties: to calm the mind and balance the body; helps aid sleep and relaxation. Chamomile is a powerful essential oil, dealing with a range of emotional states and brings contentment, joy, peace and improved self-image. It combats aggression, sadness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammatory pain and phobias.
Recommended Use: Use all over the body daily to keep the skin hydrated and supple. Can also be used as an effective massage medium. Great to use as an emergency rescue balm on dry patches and cracked heels, or melt some into your bath or aromatherapy burner.

To enter:
Leave a comment below, telling us why you’d like this pot of wonder balm and it could be yours.

Please enter only once. Receive an additional entry each, for sharing the giveaway on Facebook or twitter. Simply tag me, @lelanieslater for twitter, or
Giveaway closes Friday, 25 July at 9:00am.

Unfortunately, the giveaway runs only nationally and is not open to readers outside of South-Africa.

Good luck.


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Crystalizing ideas

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Friends, my latest decor fad is crystals. To be honest, it extends beyond decor and is probably more than a fad. I am positively in love with the natural beauties. Geodes of all shapes and colours have caught my fancy. Their bright natural colours and the way they change in natural light is really what I love about them. I find they ground aspace in a way I cannot explain.

Here are some of my favorite gemstone applications.


As a decorative windowsill display or in the garden. How fabulous is it to curate the stones that are in your garden?

Crystals-in-garden Crystals-in-bowl

In a little bowl somewhere or even making a sand garden to inspire relaxation.


Or what about using them as a gorgeous paper weight?Crystal-paperweight

crystal collection


Place cards


geode poster

Have a magical weekend.


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Decor hangups.

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Hi guys. I came across the most adorable collection of decor hangups over on Here are my favorite dinglies. I definitely need some of these in the studio and at the next market I do.

102047895.jpg.rendition.largest 101956201.jpg.rendition.largest 101944852.jpg.rendition.largest

These faceted mobiles and the vintage fan are what I wish my summer would look like. How gorgeous?!

101956199.jpg.rendition.largestCheck out the rest of these at,



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Slow morning, thoughtful living

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Weeks whizz by an das we get closer to the end of the year, the months seem to be spning out of control, ever faster and faster. With August fast approaching, I find myself longing for a winter break-away. I yearn for slow morning, cuddling afternoon, lazy liven and thoughtful being. What do you long for?

The images, found on the ever gorgeous Coco Lapine, are styled by Gitte Christensen and photographed by Pia Winther, and is tilted  ‘Slow living’.

Kaffe1563 Kaffe1639 Kaffe1630 Kaffe1584

Have a slow, mindful week.


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Craft cravings

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What’s better than a weekend spent crafting the afternoons away. I stumbled across this lovely Spanish craft inspired blog. The blog is packed with lovely, pastel shaded shots- filled with texture and beauty. A true inspiration. Maybe this coming weekend will have to be dedicated to some making mastery.

Allovelyparty4 mun_equitoschalkpaint _MG_2432asas _MG_2415asas Ilu Autentico chalkpaintCiao,


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DIY Origami bows

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A dear friends sent me a pin last night of the adorable origami bows. I am a serious fan of all things origami and these bows are no exception. Check out the cute Wimketol blog for this and other fabulous DIY’s.



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Fashion//Decor: Monochrome

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Fashion & decor are colliding in contemporary, Monochrome style and I’m loving it. This past weekend I went furniture shopping for the studio and to my delight I saw that Mr. Price home is filled to the brim with Black & White Scandi style decor.

The inspiration:

black and white


Decor from here, Zebra style Swatch watch & powder grey Superga sneakers.


Shop this look with these top items…

shop b&w

  • CHEVRON MUG, for R19.99
  • 100% COTTON GEO NAPKIN, for R15.99

Stay fabulous,

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Curated collections: year of the desk

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Morning friends. It is great to be back after a few days’ rest. Today I’m talking collections. I love a well curated collection. 2014 is turning out to be the year of the desk, with stylish desktop solutions popping up everywhere. Present & Correct has a fabulous collection on stationery and an even better selection of stationery themed, drool-worthy photo’s.



These desktop shots, with their cool & collected styling, makes me smile; and immediately start to think of updating my own desk. Even more adorable, are these alphabets made from cookies and desk accessories. Le sigh… 75113934f93672d0c23568832082f1df

Do you love stationery as much as I do?

fdce3820845d37f3c6ea5c06b1b45d0dHappy Monday friends.


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