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Morning friends. Today I would like to veer away

from the normal schedule and topics to send a bit of love. Holly from Decor8 blog is hosting this great blog hug challenge. Sometimes as bloggers we can feel pretty isolated. Or we feel that we don’t make a difference, aren’t noticed or simply don’t matter. But as bloggers we play such an important role. We are a great source of current information. More and more brands are turning to bloggers to help them reach their target market. And celebrity nude I personally believe that blogs are giving magazines a run for their money. Blogs are great. But it is the special, dedicated and hard working people behind them who make them so special. Since I joined the online community a few years ago, I have never looked back. It is such a friendly, open and creative space. It has been better than I could have ever dreamed. Today I would like to sned a big  blog hug to fellow bloggers and a very special duo, Rose and Marike from The Design Tabloid.

They have been my constant companions on this great adventure. And Rose has always  been a great friend. They have given me advice when I asked, supported me in the writing of bold posts, new blog designs and it has been so nice to see them on the virtual playground everyday. It is always lovely to run into them on Pinterest or Twitter.

So, a big blog hug to one of my great online friends. Stay awesome guys.


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  • Rose McClement on buy nolvadex 06.02.2013 at 9:53 am:

    Oh hot lesbian porn My Gosh – Lelanie this one took my totally by surprise. Marica and I GIVE YOU THE BIGGEST HUG BACK again. Thank you so much for your generous words and for being such an authentic blogger yourself. I know that you will go from strength to strength, namely because what is amazing inside of you must manifest. And you have so much genuine-ness to give. Long may it last.

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