How to style a bar cart.


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Having a cool and stylish bar cart in your living area is one thing. Getting it that way is quite another. How do you style up a bar cart? They key here is to go for stylish over storage. The bar cart is not supposed to serve as your main liqueur storage area. It is simply a display area to lay out beverages for guests or occupants, in a stylish and elegant way.

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1. Create a theme:

Why not style your bar cart according to a theme or a dominant colour? The idea here is to create a golden thread, that will create a sense of order in your display.

2. Add a dash of personality

The bar cart doesn’t have to play host to liqueur only. Feel free to add a few personal  items for decorative purposes to give it a bit of personality.

3. Party planning

Consider restyling and restocking the bar cart for different occasions. A Great Gatsby inspired cocktail party will require different drinks than a formal dinner party with the in-laws. Style and stock it to match the occasion.

4. Line them up

Pack an stack glasses and cans in orderly rows to give a neat appearance. This is especially good to do on the lower shelf. These items aren’t as visually appealing.

5. Make a statement

Consider adding a few statement pieces to the top shelf of your bar cart. You might want to display a cocktail menu with the recipes for three delicious cocktails along with the necessary ingredients.

6. Cute and quirky

Add some cute and quirky pieces like striped or spotted paper straws. Some funky cocktail napkins or a cute storage holder for swivel sticks could do the trick.

Just remember, this is a great focal point and conversation starter. Lay out the drinks, glasses and cans in away that is practical as well as beautiful and you are sure to have a hit on your hands.


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